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Upon a Time...

In 1999 EARN APP founder Bob Boyd wanted to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Becoming an entrepreneur was the simple part but taking into consideration the workload, the 80% failure rate, and gambling an entire nest egg was a daunting concept.

Where do I start? What kind of business has less risk? Where do I get the funding? What business is best for me? What should my business plan include? So many questions and very little answers. Very little help

He thought why does there have too be so much risk? Isn’t there some sort of business blueprint that will allow me to replicate historic success and lower the risk of losing everything? When Bob’s Failproof team discovered that 8 out of 10 businesses failed within the first 3 to 5 years. Bob was determined to find answers.

Bob assembled a team of business experts, researchers, business developers, and technology engineers to find answers to this disparaging number of business failures and uncovered key pain points within the People, Product, and Processes of the business


was an idea...

Two years later, in 2001 The Earn App formerly branded as CCN launched the patented Failproof All-In One business platform, The world’s first automated business platform that eliminated risky business practices that causes business failures. The arrival of the Failproof All-In-One business platform was a gamechanger in the business technology space. Not only was it surgically designed to eliminate risky business practices but also the most powerful tool to increase the efficiency and the performance of the business while driving the revenue generation through the roof intuitive enough to seamless and effortless. To make it extremely affordable The Earn App agreed with its customers to only earn a percentage of the revenue that was generated exclusively by its proprietary Failproof All-In-One business platform. A mash-up of financial freedom with 24-7 automated business development. It was disruptive. It was groundbreaking, innovative, and empowering. And people like Bob who dared to dream of being a “successful entrepreneur” could finally realize their dreams without the fear of losing everything.

From idea to

industry standard

In the past seven years the business solutions market has exploded. Investors are flooding the marketplace with business capital to get a piece of the Fintech goldrush. It is such an exciting time because now clients embrace effective solutions outside of the larger brand name firms because our mission from the beginning has been to help people realize their goals faster.

The more solutions there are the better, the more products there are to compare to the better, the more problems that are being identified the better, Our experience and expertise are light years ahead

That said, we think that we offer things that the “other guys” don’t

  • Our All-In-One platform is fully automated which removes the cost and time of onboarding, training, and downtime.
  • You can scale our platform up or down for any type and size of the business automatically
  • Our proprietary technologies are surgically designed to generate revenue around the clock from proprietary revenue channels while mitigating financial risks.
  • Our enhances not disrupts business practices and performances.
  • Our product has no upfront cost or carrying cost because we only earn a percentage of the revenue that we generate for the business
  • Revenue Generation is our business, We couldn’t be more different than companies who sell products that promise to deliver tangible results but seldom deliver the results promised.

Why us?

So why us you may ask. That’s a great question. Because there has never been a comprehensive level of support that allows businesses to grow without falling victim to the practices and processes of failed businesses plus when it comes to helping you realize your personal goals and dreams we have your back around the clock. We literally put our money where our mouth is by leveraging our own tools, time and resources which means that you can sit back, relax, and let us do all of the heavy lifting eliminating your inherent risks and simply share in the revenue rewards thus helping you reach unimaginable milestones all without mortgaging your financial future, sacrificing your quality time. We have introduced the revolutionary Income On Autopilot business model


  • 1999

    CCN™ was founded and opened its first office in Parsippany, New Jersey.

  • 2000

    Our company became certified technology partners with Dell, Microsoft, HP and many more

  • 2001

    CCN launched FAILPROOF an All-In-One business technology hub New York as a business consulting firm with the primary focus of helping businesses save money on energy and operational expenses

  • 2004

    Our company was awarded contracts with energy suppliers to provide cost saving services and support to its business customers through FAILPROOF an All-In-One business technology hub

  • 2005

    Completed the acquisition of a cutting edge digital media firm to seamlessly integrate multi-channel media platforms into our FAILPROOF an All-In-One business technology hub 

  • 2008

    Completed the acquisition of Financial technology firm specifically to streamline and automate end to end revenue generation activities for our patented FAILPROOF an All-In-One business technology hub

  • 2014

    Our software development team successfully develops and integrates a revolutionary feature in our FAILPROOF an All-In-One business technology hub that automates the task of Human Resource departments in order to help staff perform more efficiently

  • 2016

    Expanded FAILPROOF an All-In-One business platform integrates feature that allows businesses to win multi-million dollar service contracts through our global auction hub to bid manage relationships for service and products Auctions For Contracts

  • 2019

    Launching the Earn App mobile application to over 8 million professionals and 4.5 million businesses

As it turned out,

the idea was a popular one

Fast forward to today. To date, The Fail Proof All-In-One business platform has helped over 1,800,000 entrepreneurs, independent business owners, and corporations generate billions of dollars in revenue without taking risks or losing time and money. The industries that are supported by Fail Proof™ All-In-One business platform varies from Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Insurance, Legal, Government, small to large businesses, the list is endless. The question we always ask our clients has been… What is your dream situation? What is your “best case scenario”? Now we understand intimately how to help people relax and reach their lifelong goals and business aspirations that now becomes a realization.


  • 1999

    Grows the team from 4 to 10 and generates over $22,000,000 in cost and time savings for business customers

  • 2000

    Research and Development team designed and built end to end business platform to mitigate risk and financial loss for independent business owners to large corporations

  • 2001

    CCN launches FAILPROOF an All-In-One business technology hub

  • 2004

    CCN distributes 1,241 FAILPROOF an All-In-One business software licenses through its growing partner channels

  • 2005

    CCN designed and successfully executed social media ads for over 40,000 companies

  • 2008

    Our new financial technology platform executed over 500,000 revenue generation tasks in the first 3 months

  • 2014

    Our development team successfully integrates our Human Resource platform that performs 300 automated tasks daily

  • 2016

    Our services auction awards contracts to over 800,000 service providers

  • 2019

    Launch of most dynamic social media platform that makes earning revenue share and lifestyle task effortless for professionals and businesses

2001 to over 1,200 customers 12 employees 47 customers

  • 2004: 31 employees 105 customers thousands of business entities
  • 20007: 112 employees 7,123 customers
  • 2014: Launched the Human Resources automation software 159 employees 1,570,000 customers
  • 2018: Completed Acquisitions of companies 13,712 employees 4.7 million potential

2019 Acquisition of global company to provide support to The Earn Apps customers

Year Over

Year Growth

Our proprietary Revshare Billing technologies is so unique it’s made us the fastest-growing business solution in the country with over 4,000 accounts pending activation weekly. Yet, we still have plenty of opportunities available in the $883 billion small to mid-sized business solutions segment. We are now expanding our network by licensing our Revshare Billing technologies to the best ranked businesses in the world.



We are currently experiencing exponential growth due to our innovative strategies and cutting edge technologies. In a strategic move to elevate our partner support we have streamlined our operations from our 13 satellite locations to the new acquisition of our 29,000 employee $2 Billion dollar distribution and support center that is scheduled to be completed by August 2020. Our state of the art customer care center will support over 100,000 global partners and provide exclusive 5 Star support to millions of  Earn App account holders 24 hours a day



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